About Us

We treat all wound and skin integrity issues anywhere on the body.

Healing wounds is our business. AmeriWound’s physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants coordinate with your facility’s need to respond timely to wound care issues. With AmeriWound, your patients will heal sooner. We are dedicated to comprehensive, aggressive wound care techniques that will promote the fastest healing rates using the most cost-effective wound treatment modalities.

  • Pressure

  • Arterial

  • Venous

  • Surgical

  • Trauma

  • Diabetic Ulcer 


  • Vasculitis

  • Peristomal Skin Irritations

  • Lymphedema

  • Other Chronic, Non-healing Wounds

Our qualified professionals treat wounds by examining underlying infections, metabolic, nutritional, and vascular problems that may inhibit wound healing. Using AmeriWound’s affiliated providers results in measurable changes in wound drainage, inflammation, swelling, pain, and wound dimensions (diameter, depth, tunneling).


At AmeriWound we treat all patients with compassionate physician directed wound care treatment & management, resulting in effective wound healing.


Our vision is to be at the forefront of the wound care industry, consistently achieving National Industry-Leading Days to Healing results, while ensuring the highest level of quality wound care.


Compassion, Care, Integrity

Healing wounds is our business.

Insurance and Quality Assurance

Administrative & Billing Coordination

Quality Assurance

AmeriWound directly bills to Medicare Part B, Medicaid, managed care payers and private pay. We coordinate flexible patient scheduling to meet the facility’s needs.

Under the guidance of our Chief Medical Officer, we have established a quality assurance program that includes clinical standards and protocols for all AmeriWound providers. We regularly monitor, document, and measure each provider’s clinical results as part of our continuous quality improvement program.