AmeriWound contracts with the Wound Education & Training Academy (WETA) for its provider wound care training for all of its provider affiliates. WETA’s curriculum is tailored to prepare providers with industry-leading wound care prevention, treatments, and management. By following WETA’s wound care standardized protocols, treatments, and management as covered in the WETA curriculum, AmeriWound and its provider affiliates have been a national leader in days-to-healing results.

WETA’s contracted Certified Specialists provide ongoing wound care training directed around the most up-to-date wound care treatments and products. WETA’s staff regularly incorporate in their training, leading-edge treatment trends facilitating ever improving clinical wound care knowledge and expertise.

Our Training

The WETA provider training program focuses on teaching and acclimating our wound care providers to the specific requirements and nuances within the long-term care setting. 



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