Wound Care at your Patient's Bedside

AmeriWound and its affiliated medical groups have over the past 9 years delivered the nation’s leading physician wound care management and treatments in long term care facilities. Our nation’s best Days to Healing results have significantly helped our skilled nursing facility (SNF) clients realize improved survey results, higher RUG scores, and lower wound care supply and staffing costs. Our wound care team including physicians and wound care certified wound educators provide valuable guidance and assistance to our LTC’s Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement (QA/QI) programs resulting in a low wound-related returns to hospitals, more efficient and cost-effective wound care clinical results.

The AmeriWound Wound Educators and affiliated providers work collaboratively with each client facility’s interdisciplinary wound care team. Our highly trained wound care providers assess, treat, monitor, heal client facility wound care patients while completing survey focused documentation following the most up-to-date guidelines, including PDPM. AmeriWound provides ongoing wound care education, training, and guidance to client facility clinical staffs on proper wound care treatments and protocols. Our collaborative and partnering approach with your wound care team has helped minimize any wound associated risk management issues across hundreds of facilities in several states where we operate.

Our electronic health records (EHR) enables our affiliated providers to document and communicate wound patient care results prior to the provider leaving your facility. As a result, our client facilities can access their resident’s wound care notes the same day the patient is seen by our providers and whenever needed by facility staff in a HIPPA compliant manner. Our leading-edge tools including our same day electronic physician documentation enhances client facility regulatory compliance and performance.

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