AmeriWound’s Mission Statement

AmeriWound’s mission is to provide superior physician/provider bedside wound healing to all referred patients at each and every client facility.


AmeriWound’s Vision Statement

AmeriWound is committed to consistently achieving industry-leading Days to Healing results while ensuring the highest level of quality wound care.

AmeriWound is a leading wound care specialty group that delivers well-organized, efficient, advanced wound care treatment and management solutions for long-term care facilities. We strive to treat our patients and our staff with the highest level of dignity and respect by promoting an environment of continuous improvement and service excellence.

Our wound care services are dependable, timely, efficient and effective. Our licensed team of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants are trained and experienced in wound management, the healing process, and the selection and use of wound products and devices. Our experienced clinicians continually improve their wound care knowledge and competency by staying current on the latest developments in wound care treatments and products. The skills and attention of these knowledgeable professionals directly benefits patients and facilities.