Expert Physician Wound Care Management & Treatment

AmeriWound’s affiliated physicians are highly trained wound care providers who assess, diagnose, treat, monitor and heal patient wounds. Our provider documentation is concise and survey focused meeting all clinical standards, including PDPM. 

Our wound certified educators conduct ongoing wound care education, training, and guidance to facility staff on proper wound care treatments and protocols. As a result, facilities realize improved survey and RUG scores, reduced wound risk management concerns and improved overall facility wound care results.


Compassionate & Motivated Physicians

Committed to quality wound care, AmeriWound employs caring, compassionate & motivated physicians from most specialties. We serve our nation’s most vulnerable population understanding the commitment every physician makes to their career. 

“AmeriWound affiliated physicians treat all patients with compassionate, physician-directed wound care. Our vision is to continue realizing The Nation’s Leading Days to Healing physician wound care  results while providing exceptional patient care.”

Milton Schachter

Chief Executive Officer, AmeriWound LLC

Wound Education

AmeriWound’s wound care education and training curriculum comprehensively details state of the art International Wound Care guidelines. Our provider and facility wound care education is tailored to prepare providers with industry-leading wound care prevention, treatments, and management. By following our wound care standardized protocols, treatments, and management as covered in our curriculum, AmeriWound and its affiliates realize the nation’s leading days to healing results.

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  • Seminars
  • Wound Education
  • Wound Care In-Services
  • Onsite Training

enjoy an individualized practice that is financially rewarding and offers a fantastic work life balance.

NO CALL, NO WEEKENDS, NO EVENING HOURS. AmeriWound affiliated physicians enjoy an excellent work-life balance, while earning uncapped compensation – based on the number of patient encounters/visits.


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No prior wound care experience necessary