Wound Care Ready for Surveyors

Posted on Oct 16, 2018

In LTC, and SNF’s the annual survey process can be a very stressful week. The survey window is usually a large variable of time, and surveyors come unannounced. In preparation for this unannounced visit, rounding should be done in an orderly fashion on a regular basis. A successful survey requires the cooperation and support of the entire staff, and everyone should be aware of state rules and regulations that need to be followed out daily...

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State Survey Process: F-Tags relevant to Wound Care

Posted on Sep 6, 2018

AmeriWound is committed to consistently achieving industry leading Days to Healing results while ensuring the highest level of quality wound care.  We work with our client facilities as a cohesive team to ensure that the wound care provided is consistent with the current standards of practice. As a team we work on healing and preventing all skin integrity issues, while preventing survey deficiencies related to wound care. State Survey Process...

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